6 interesting facts about the American mining industry you didn’t know

The American mining industry places an important role in our lives as it impacts our daily lives from cell phones to utensils and the cars we drive. We rely on valuable metals, minerals, and resources that are recovered from mining the earth.

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of mines that are being excavated all over the world. Here are six interesting facts about the American mining industry you didn’t know.

  1. With the total amount of gold that was mined, nearly 65% is used in jewelry, 20% as coins and 15% in electronics. A standard television requires over 30 different minerals while cellphones need 40 minerals.
  2. The United States has the largest reserve of coal and the second biggest producer of gold and copper. The U.S. Export of Minerals accounts for nearly $6 billion a year.
  3. The average citizen uses 37 million pounds of metals, minerals, and fuel during a lifetime. This also includes 1.8 ounces of gold, 6 tons of aluminum, 1,000 pounds of lead and zinc. A newborn baby requires a lifetime of 1.3 million pounds of sand, stone, gravel and cement along with 33,000 pounds of iron, 1,500 pounds of copper, and 28,200 pounds of salt.
  4. Gold is the most easily material to mold of all metals as it is used to being drawn out without breakage. Just a single ounce can be stretched to nearly five miles long. The greatest gold rush in America started when gold was discovered in California in 1848.
  5. The investment in training, technology, and equipment has made America the safest mining industry in the world.
  6. The U.S. is today’s largest product of silica, salt, sulfur, phosphate, magnesium, and lithium.

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Image by: SNL

Image by: SNL