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Skip bins for mining sites explained

Skip bins are also called dumpster are broadly used in the Australian mining and construction industry both for commercial and residential waste disposal. They are huge waste containers with open tops designed to be loaded onto some special lorry.

Skip bins are used to collect waste materials mostly in cleaning out jobs that involve a lot of waste material and resource extraction. It is a wheelie bin and therefore instead of the bin being emptied on site into a garbage truck, the skip is emptied and replaced with another container or removed then tipped at a transfer station.

Features of a skip bin.

a custom made waste management containerSkip bins have a shape. The bin longitudinal cross-section is either two trapezoids stacked or a trapezoid. Of the two trapezoids, the lower one has the smaller edge at its bottom and the top a longer side.

Both the top and bottom of the bin has sloping wall or floor. At the ends of the container are lugs which are used to attach chains easing lifting of the large bin on and off the truck.

At times, the bin’s one end has a very large door that has hinges at its bottom to enable manual offloading and loading. Skip bins are tough and durable, made in a way to withstand rough usage by laborers and tradesmen.
Their size varies ranging from large 40n yard skips roll-on roll-off to small 2 yard skips depending on their use. Small size skips bin when empty it weighs 550lb. Most special skip bin trucks can only carry 8000kg of the container material.

Examples of skip bins available for mining contractors.

Skip bins are normally classified into three groups:

1.) Open skip bins.

Open skip bins are standard in construction sites, and they allow easy loading of the waste materials since they are open.

2.) Closed skip bins.

Unlike open skip, closed skip bins are more secure and easy to prevent unauthorized access. They also ensure that the maximum limit of a waste volume is not exceeded.

3.) RORO skip bins.

It is roll-off and roll-on skips which are very similar to open skip bins. However, unlike open skips which are loaded using chains onto the wagon, the RORO skip are loaded with hooks. They commonly employed in industries not friendly for domestic use.

Hope this gave you a great insight into the potential of bins for waste management!

the mining industry in australia

Mining and Australia – A Love Story

Australia the vast and lucky land.
Beneath Australians feet lies a rich and resourceful land.

It sparked waves of mass migration and shaped up the political and migration landscape!

It saved Oz from financial ruin and made investors rich as no one could imagine. But who is really getting this money.

Mining’s rich history is a battleground that has divided and yet forged the nation.


Discover it today by watching the following video!

handling material with care is paramount

Innovation in the material handling industry

The modern industry is quite complicated and needs a lot of manpower. Fork lifts are the horsepower used in the industry today. They help in the smooth operations of warehouses around the globe. A guide is provided for companies so that they may know which forklift is appropriate for the use they will put it to.

Forklift features

forklift trucks are needed everydayThe forklift machines vary in prices just as they vary in features. The pricing might be quite misleading since it does not always match with quality and reliability. Knowing the exact use of the forklifts might help in knowing what you are looking for. The best are the top-tier brands which offer the latest and more advanced technology making them more costly.

Forktrucks tires

The location of the company or factory determines what forklift to buy. The geographical area determines which tire type to buy. Knowing the type of job you require the forklift for and the environment to work on will help pick from the various types in existence. E.g. cushion tires, pneumatic tires, or solid pneumatic tires.

Types of fork-lifts

There exist two kinds of forklifts these being the internal combustion forklifts and the electric forklifts. The electric forklifts are designed to work in a well-paved environment. They, however, cannot be used in the rain. They work so much better in an indoor setting. They are quite advantageous in their way. They do not emit any form of gas to the environment, cost low in fuel terms, and have quite a long span.

They are also known to be less noisy than their counterparts.

The internal combustion forklifts, on the other hand, are capable of handling heavier loads than the others. They have quite the speed and are mostly used for tagging along with the goods that are pushing and towing of the goods. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. While buying you must consider the cost of fuel in your locale.

make sure you use the services of qualified operators

New and used material

Comparing prices of the new and used forklifts and decide on which to take. It is quite clear that the used forklifts are much cheaper compared to the expensive ones. Sometimes cheap means expensive especially if the company will need the forklift to take a high mileage compared to a new one which will not require maintenance.


When renting a forklift in Perth WA the forklift buyer should be aware of the things that may not be necessarily relevant at the beginning, but they work efficiently with the forklifts. The have to put to mind the safety features, the attachments and the extras that will help with better functionality.
The purchase of a forklift is quite tedious as there are several factors are to be considered. Thorough research should be done before buying to ensure the right forklift is bought.

disposal of waste in Australia

Dealing with solid waste disposal in your industrial business

The Elimination of solid waste includes the removal of solid or semi-solid material that lack utility and which come from activities generated by human beings and animals.

We can divide this elimination into four easily distinct categories:

  • household waste
  • industrial waste
  • commercial waste
  • agricultural waste

In general, commercial waste and domestic waste tend to be wastes of organic, like paper, wood and textile products

On the contrary, industrial waste, mostly from type inorganic, such as ashes, debris from construction, chemical materials, paintingsā€¦

Last agricultural waste is usually the easiest delete as cow manure and the remains of pruning.

industrial waste is a concern

Methods of elimination

When selecting a method or other circumstantial and economic criteria of the zone in which it acts must be taken into account.

Controlled discharge

It consists of storing waste layers in places away from inhabited areas.


90% burns wastes. In addition to generating heat, can be used as an energy source, the burning produces CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Development of fertilisers

Waste recycling in factoryFrom solid waste results in degradation of an organic substance using aerobic microorganisms. Later and after a period of about three weeks compost is ready to be packaged and sold.

Recovery of energy resources

They are processes of combustion and pyrolysis processes. Many incinerators take advantage of this heat to generate power, boilers and pipes that recirculate water and transform it into steam that drives turbines.

Metal recycling

Solid waste recycling is an ancient technique. From metal, materials are melted down and reused to make instruments.

Hazardous waste

Some toxic chemical wastes are dangerous to human health and the environment. This type of waste is not removed, but it is stored into large containers in appropriate places for storage. It is almost always away from any human presence and possible tributaries, rivers or submarine waters, to prevent infiltration.

To know more about the waste disposal options available in your area, make sure you contact your local council !

the AUstralian mining boom

BBC documentary on the mining industry in Australia

The country has been enjoying a golden era of prosperity over the past 2 decades.

It is all about Australia’s mineral resources and the insatiable desire of the Asian economies for these minerals ! This Boom has been on for a while now and this documentary tries to explain why we think it is not going to last long with the economic downturn in China.

“Over the next 2 decadesĀ more than 6 billion tones of iron ore will be stripped from the earth and shipped to China. ”

Find more by watching the following documentary:



Drilling in Australia and Contractors

Drilling services are required in almost every sort of construction projects. Whether you are building your house, constructing your office or even garage space for your car park, you might need drilling services, but the main use of drilling rigs is with oil fields.

Drilling the surface of the earth is not an easy task and can’t be done using simple apparatus. Drilling contractors perth wa needs heavy machinery with specialised machinery tailor-made for this purpose.

Services of a drilling company of contractor are necessary to complete the process.

massive-trucks-used-to-carry-the-equipmentA drilling contract includes many services. It includes complete drilling of surfaces and walls, construction of some surfaces, etc. Besides construction, the drilling is the most important element of a petroleum industry. Oil fields are drilled using heavy machinery and specially made apparatus.
Drilling companies are increasing all across the world in last few years due to increased ventures of the multinational organisations and increased projects at the global level. The field of drilling and construction services is one of the most challenging and competitive fields, and the drilling contractors need to work hard to compete in the international industry now.

At present, there are approximately 859 drilling rigs working offshore at a global level. More contractors are establishing their setups, and the number is expected to reach 900 soon.

Drilling contractors find the oil by drilling the earth, called making a hole. A drilling rig is required for this process. A rig comes in all shapes and sizes and work on both land and offshore.
Most land rigs are limited to a certain size to make it easier to move them via road. Except for the size, almost all rigs look same. Their functions, however, can be different.

Offshore rigs, on the other hand, are totally different matter.

They come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their use. Each type of rig is tailor made for a specific environment it was created to work in, from the shallow few feet deep waters of inland marshes to even the most hostile of the oceans of the world in with a depth of thousands of feet.

A drilling contractor is hired to work in different terrains. The contractors are responsible for moving the rigs to the place of the project, the installment of rigs and necessary work. The payment and contract charges depend on the type of project and location.

Currently, 859 companies are working in the field of drilling. One these companies install every rig. Due to the complexity of the nature of work and the huge competition, many construction and services companies haven’t adopted drilling as a business. However, due to the increased need of it in the modern world, companies are slowly shifting towards what can be stated as the most difficult and technical business field.

The pay and cost depend on what type of rig you are working with. A rig crew on any inland working on a swamp somewhere in the world is not going to make as much as the crew working on a dynamically positioned submersible drilling rig 9,000 feet deep in water.

The team in the swamp might be working as hard as the crew operating in deep water, maybe even more challenging, but the pays of the crew working in deep water might be more than those of working in a swamp. It is a common practice that the rig with a more sophisticated environment and installment are more highly paid.