Drone aerial imagery for mines and quarries

Specialists in high-definition aerial videos via drones offer their expertise and know-how in various fields of activity. Whether you’re looking for personal or professional photography, these professionals allow you to shoot aerial photos and videos with the utmost accuracy, for the collection of accurate data.

An efficient solution

The use of a drone techniques by roulette or simple GPS location. The multitude of survey points will allow you to optimize the management of your quarry.

A multirotor pilot operates in multiple fields of activity and offers you specific equipment adapted to each area, particularly in the management of mines and quarries that require high precision in the steering and positioning of the drone.

They have secure devices, equipped with infrared sensors that also allow the shooting of high-resolution images. All our equipment are of high precision and enable you to film from far and near.

Cost effective

drones and the mining industry, a love affairThe drone offers many advantages in the management of mines and quarries regarding saving time, financing and productivity.

The significant benefits in the use of a drone for mining and quarrying are mainly in the reduction of operating time and costs related to the human factor.

Security is paramount

Moreover, it is a real practical tool in areas that are difficult to access, and it makes it possible to protect all human risks. Let your surveyors safely away from the edges of waistlines; they no longer need to cohabit with the gears.

It allows you to capture high-definition aerial photographs and thus reduce the time typically required with conventional methods.

Also, the drone allows high-precision data to be read more accurately than a survey from a conventional method.
Today, the drone is the most economical solution on the market.

Investment in mine and career drone operations is highly profitable given the quantity and quality of information gathered.

Facilitates inventory management

The analysis of the data makes it possible to find answers to the problems of our customers. Field surveys are processed for use in drawings and plans or other reports. With these analysis media, you can study the inputs and outputs of the different materials in your mines and quarries, while actually reducing losses and managing quantities with an achat de drone avec caméra.