Estrella Gold Industrial and Mining Services provide the diagnosing testing and solutions for the resources and infrastructure. We work to provide solutions to evaluate and monitor to maximize production.

Industrial Services


We work with operators to develop, assess, and monitor asset health to provide the best engineering solutions. We provide high-quality mechanical testing, failure analysis, and investigational services to manufacturers and constructors to assist them with international standards and specifications.

We provide testing solutions to help improve your practice of maintenance, including the following:

  • Reduce high-cost repairs
  • Increase availability of equipment
  • Limit unnecessary downtime
  • Evaluate product performance
  • Extend interval oil drain

We operate on oil, fuel, metalwork, coolant and fluid analysis with the largest industry network.

Mining Services


We provide specialized services to the mining industry as our clients often include contract miners, coal companies, land companies and construction. Estrella Gold has developed a long-standing establishment and relationship with multiple agencies in the industry.

Inspection and Surveying


Estrella Gold has the responsibility to represent material and determine the weight of your commodities. Experiences samplers, inspectors lead our investigation team, and surveyors with expert knowledge and equipment to meet international standards.

Our Services include:

  • Pre-inspection before shipment
  • Supervision in all aspects of loading, transport, and discharge
  • Size Distribution
  • Cargo handling and monitoring
  • Inspection of Quantity and Quality
  • Preparation of samples
  • Tallying and Stockpile
  • Weighing Equipment
  • Granulometry
  • Transportable Limit of Moisture



Estrella Gold takes precise analysis controls with our traditional methods, combined with modern analytical instrumentation. We strive to provide our routine analysis in a timely matter to exceed the expectations of our clients.

At Estrella Gold, our professional team has various specialty degrees in Mining, Civil, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Technology, Survey, and Chemistry. Our various level of education and expertise is combined with our in-house laboratory, drilling, and construction capabilities provide our clients with full service to match their needs.