Skip bins for mining sites explained

Skip bins are also called dumpster are broadly used in the Australian mining and construction industry both for commercial and residential waste disposal. They are huge waste containers with open tops designed to be loaded onto some special lorry.

Skip bins are used to collect waste materials mostly in cleaning out jobs that involve a lot of waste material and resource extraction. It is a wheelie bin and therefore instead of the bin being emptied on site into a garbage truck, the skip is emptied and replaced with another container or removed then tipped at a transfer station.

Features of a skip bin.

a custom made waste management containerSkip bins have a shape. The bin longitudinal cross-section is either two trapezoids stacked or a trapezoid. Of the two trapezoids, the lower one has the smaller edge at its bottom and the top a longer side.

Both the top and bottom of the bin has sloping wall or floor. At the ends of the container are lugs which are used to attach chains easing lifting of the large bin on and off the truck.

At times, the bin’s one end has a very large door that has hinges at its bottom to enable manual offloading and loading. Skip bins are tough and durable, made in a way to withstand rough usage by laborers and tradesmen.
Their size varies ranging from large 40n yard skips roll-on roll-off to small 2 yard skips depending on their use. Small size skips bin when empty it weighs 550lb. Most special skip bin trucks can only carry 8000kg of the container material.

Examples of skip bins available for mining contractors.

Skip bins are normally classified into three groups:

1.) Open skip bins.

Open skip bins are standard in construction sites, and they allow easy loading of the waste materials since they are open.

2.) Closed skip bins.

Unlike open skip, closed skip bins are more secure and easy to prevent unauthorized access. They also ensure that the maximum limit of a waste volume is not exceeded.

3.) RORO skip bins.

It is roll-off and roll-on skips which are very similar to open skip bins. However, unlike open skips which are loaded using chains onto the wagon, the RORO skip are loaded with hooks. They commonly employed in industries not friendly for domestic use.

Hope this gave you a great insight into the potential of bins for waste management!